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Vickers 45V42A 86D22R Vane Pump

Brand Name Vickers
Model Number 45V42A 86D22R
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price Negotiable

Product Features

4525V42A14-1AD22RVickers - - - - - - - -
2520V21A12 1CB22RVickers - - 1598 mm2180 mm - - - -
3520V25A11 86AB22RVickers - - - - Tr 220x4 - - -
45V60A 1D22LVickers - - - 62.0000 mm - - - -
3520V25A5 1AA22RVickers - - - 150.0000 mm - - - -
35V38A 1D22RVickers - - - 580.0000 mm - - - -
4525V50A21 86AA22RVickers - - - - - - - -
2520V14A11 1CC22RVickers - - 591 mm780 mm - - - -
3525VQ30A21 1DD20Vickers - - - 560 mm - - - -
45V42A 1A22RVickers - 17 mm - - - - - -
4525V42A21-86DD22RVickers - - - 145.0000 mm - - - -
35VQ35A 1C20Vickers - - - - - - - -
25V21A 1A22RVickers - - - 290.0000 mm - - - -
25V14A 1C22RVickers - 24 mm - - - - - -
4520V60A5 1CC22RVickers - - 16 mm - - - - -
3525V38A17 1BB22RVickers - - - - M 65x2 - - -
35V30A 1C22RVickers - - - 100.0000 mm - - - -
45V42A 86B22RVickers - - - 42.0000 mm - - - -
2520V21A5 1DD22RVickers - - - - - - - -
25V14A 1B22RVickers - - - - - - - -
35V30A-1B22LVickers - - - - - - - -
4525V60A12-1AA-22RVickers - - - 200.0000 mm - - - -


Vickers 3525V38A21 1BB22R Vane PumpBasic Dynamic Radial Load Rating C:88000 N; D:120.0000 mm; Accessories:No Shield, no Seal; B:38.10 mm; d:65.000 mm; Sealed Speed Rating n3:3600 rpm; Basic Static Radial Load Rating Co:106000 N; Fillet Radius ra:1.50 mm; Oil Speed Rating n2:4800 rpm; Grease Speed Rating n1:3600 rpm;
Vickers 25V10A 1A22R Vane PumpReference speed:7000 r/min; Limiting speed:8000 r/min; U:30 mm; Basic static load rating C0:116 kN; Fw:60 mm; Ew:65 mm; Mass needle roller and cage assembly:0.077 kg; Fatigue load limit Pu:14.3 kN; Basic dynamic load rating C:41.3 kN;
Vickers 2520V21A2 1AA22R Vane PumpDimension N:0.6563 in; Dimension D2:2.4375 in; Dimension B:3.6250 in; Weight W:0.87 lb; Shaft Diameter D:1 in; Pin Dia A1:0.5313 in; Basic Static Radial Load Rating Co:1750 lbf; Dimension J:1.4375 in; Width A:1.3750 in; Insert Bearing IB:ZMaRC;
Vickers 2520V12A5-1AD22R Vane PumpB:73.00 mm; Basic Dynamic Radial Load Rating C:195000 N; Oil Speed Rating n2:3200 rpm; D:180.0000 mm; Sealed Speed Rating n3:2200 rpm; d:85.000 mm; Fillet Radius ra:2.50 mm; Basic Static Radial Load Rating Co:176000 N; Grease Speed Rating n1:2200 rpm; Accessories:Shield & Seal;
Vickers 45V60A-1B22L Vane Pumpd1:32.1 mm; B:12 mm; D:47 mm; Attainable speed for grease lubrication:34000 r/min; Calculation factor f2A:1; d:25 mm; Calculation factor f2D:1.08; Calculation factor (single, tandem) Y2:0.87; rb max.:0.3 mm; da min.:28.2 mm;
Vickers 25V21A 1D22R Vane PumpReference speed:4500 r/min; r1,2 min.:2 mm; Calculation factor Y0:0.8; Calculation factor e:0.4; Limiting speed:5600 r/min; Da min.:104 mm; db min.:75.5 mm; rb max.:1.5 mm; Dimension series:3EC; Cb min.:5.5 mm;
Vickers 3525V38A17 1CC22R Vane PumpGrease:6710 kN; rs (min):5 mm; Oil:524.650 kN; with tapered bore:670 min-1; d:340 mm; Static (Cor):16.7 mm; with cylindrical bore:530 min-1; B:180 mm; Pu:3280 kN; D:520 mm;
Vickers 25V12A 1B22R Vane PumpD:145.0000 mm; d:95.000 mm; Fillet Radius rb:0.60 mm; Fillet Radius ra:1.50 mm; B:24.00 mm; Basic Static Radial Load Rating Co:72000 N; Oil Speed Rating n2:4700 rpm; Grease Speed Rating n1:0 rpm; Basic Dynamic Radial Load Rating C:71500 N;
Vickers 2520V14A5 1CC22R Vane Pumpr1,2 min.:1 mm; C:7.5 mm; R:56 mm; D:73 mm; Basic dynamic load rating C:39 kN; Basic static load rating C0:86.5 kN; s:23 mm; B:9 mm; ra max.:1 mm; Fatigue load limit Pu:3.2 kN;
Vickers 35V30A 1B22R Vane PumpJ max.:298.45 mm; R2:27.781 mm; RG:3/8 NPT; Stabilizing ring:2 x SR-1518; P60°:121 kN; h:38.1 mm; H2:41.275 mm; ba:34.925 mm; P180°:49.8 kN; Housing:SAF 218;
Vickers 4520V50A8 1CC22R Vane PumpBasic Static Radial Load Rating Co:36500 N; Accessories:Without Accessories; d:40.000 mm; B:27.00 mm; Sealed Speed Rating n3:4400 rpm; Oil Speed Rating Open/Shielded n2:8000 rpm; Fillet Radius ra:2.00 mm; Basic Dynamic Radial Load Rating C:63700 N; Grease Speed Rating Open/Shielded n1:6700 rpm; D:110.0000 mm;
Vickers 3525V38A21 86BB22R Vane PumpBasic Dynamic Radial Load Rating C:24700 N; B:16.00 mm; Oil Speed Rating Open/Shielded n2:10000 rpm; D:80.0000 mm; Grease Speed Rating Open/Shielded n1:8500 rpm; d:50.000 mm; Fillet Radius ra:1.00 mm; Basic Static Radial Load Rating Co:18000 N; Accessories:One Shield & Snap-Ri; Sealed Speed Rating n3:5000 rpm;
Vickers 20V11A 1B22R Vane PumpH:192.088 mm; H1:101.6 mm; Cap bolt recommended tightening torque:298.3 N·m; P60°:121 kN; Cap bolt, SAE grade:8; Max. speed for PosiTrac Plus seal:2350 r/min; J min.:263.525 mm; Pa:12.5 kN; H2:41.275 mm; Bearing:22315 EK;
Vickers 4525V42A21 1AA22R Vane PumpGrease Speed Rating Open/Shielded n1:19000 rpm; D:35.0000 mm; Oil Speed Rating Open/Shielded n2:24000 rpm; Accessories:Two Shields; Basic Static Radial Load Rating Co:3250 N; Sealed Speed Rating n3:13000 rpm; Oil Speed Rating n2:24000 rpm; d:15.000 mm; Basic Dynamic Radial Load Rating C:7800 N; B:11.00 mm;
Vickers 2520V17A5-1AA-22R Vane PumpMass bushing:0.0052 kg; Tolerance shaft:h8; Permissible sliding velocity v min.:0 m/s; Permissible sliding velocity v max.:0.5 m/s; Tolerance housing:H7; Coefficient of friction µ max.:0.08; d:20 mm; Coefficient of friction µ min.:0.03; B:20 mm; D:24 mm;
Vickers 4525V 50A21 1AD22R Vane PumpOil Speed Rating Open/Shielded n2:4300 rpm; B:41.00 mm; Basic Dynamic Radial Load Rating C:133000 N; Accessories:One Seal; Fillet Radius ra:2.50 mm; D:180.0000 mm; Oil Speed Rating n2:4300 rpm; Grease Speed Rating Open/Shielded n1:3600 rpm; d:85.000 mm; Grease Speed Rating n1:3600 rpm;



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